An Association of independent lawyers


An Association of independent lawyers

Please contact our office by phone or email and we will be pleased to set up an appointment to discuss your issue.

In most circumstances yes. We are pleased to provide an initial consultation either by phone or in office meeting of 30 minutes or less.

Generally legal fees will reflect the consideration of a number of factors including time input, complexity, and results achieved. Fees may be structured by a flat or hourly rate. While simple transactions may lend themselves to a flat rate fee, more complex matters are generally the subject of hourly rate billing.

Where appropriate we will consider representation on the basis of a contingency agreement. In that instance, legal fees exclusive of disbursements and taxes are calculated bases on a percentage of recovery.

Where appropriate and providing that you otherwise qualify we do accept Legal Aid certificates.

In addition to surface parking on Fort Street, parkades are available adjacent to 201 Portage and at Winnipeg Square.

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