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Family Law

An Association of independent lawyers

Winnipeg Family Lawyers Dealing with Divorce, Support, Custody & More

McJannet Rich’s team of Winnipeg lawyers have extensive experience in representing clients in all levels of courts in Manitoba and in assisting clients to resolve their family law matters in a non-adversarial approach through the collaborative process and the mediation of disputes.

Representation for Divorce, Support & More



Custody and access

Child support

Spousal support

Family property division

Advice for Agreements, Adoption & More

Prenuptial agreements

Spousal agreements

Separation agreements

Cohabitation agreements

Common-law relationship rights

Mental health issues

Grandparents’ rights

Adoption issues and child protection matters

Family law is a complex field, and it can be particularly daunting for clients when emotions and personal relationships are involved. To get guidance for all of your family legal issues, contact McJannet Rich. We use our expertise with the goal of achieving a fair and complete resolution.

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