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Criminal Law

An Association of independent lawyers

Hire a Winnipeg Lawyer for Criminal Law Cases

If you’re facing criminal law proceedings, first speak with the experienced Winnipeg lawyers at McJannet Rich. We provide representation in all criminal matters, including:


Sexual assaults

Domestic assaults

Violent offences

Property offences

Impaired driving


White collar crime

Drug offences

Young offender proceedings

Protection orders

Highway Traffic Act driving offences

And More

Lawyers with Experience

Our lawyers have extensive trial and appellate experience and have appeared at all levels of court in Manitoba, Ontario and Saskatchewan. We will handle your case with discretion, commitment and uncompromising dedication.

When you need a lawyer with extensive experience in criminal law, contact McJannet Rich. We provide client-focused services to fight for your interests. Our goal is to achieve the best resolution possible at the earliest stage of proceedings.

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